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Is your business ready for WFH?

As we have seen in just the past week, many of you are encouraging/requiring employees who can work remotely to do so because of the recommendations from the CDC and government. This may be out of the ordinary for you and your staff may not be fully prepared to be efficient or functional for working outside the office. Here is a short list of items to think about:

Do you have all of the username/passwords you will need to access resources and have you tested them?

Do you have a plan for regular communication with your co-workers/staff?

Have you tested/tried out/learned your organization's software or service for video conferencing?

Does your organization have software or licensing for video conferencing and collboration?

How will you handle voice calls to your office number?

Does you have sufficient bandwidth at home to handle your workload?

Do you have hotspot capability from your cell phone if all else fails?

If you need assistance with anything on this list, please email us at

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