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The Need For Clarity

For 12 years the Clarity team has provided Managed IT services for the RDU area and beyond. In that time we've helped businesses grow from a handful to hundreds of employees scaling their hardware and software solutions to fit. The Clarity team deviates from what is normal in the IT industry, by providing personalized support and client communication. We focus on putting technologies in place that enable people to 'do what they do.' ​



Clarity is made up of IT industry veterans, former engineers, business owners, project managers and technology geeks who wake up every day to put their experience and skillsets to use to solve problems and help organizations grow while keeping costs reasonable and providing solutions that make business sense.  Our engineers have an average industry history of 21 years.  Each of our staff members has at least 1 technical certification while others have more than 10!  We love what we do and it shows. Nearly 85% of our new clients come as referrals from other clients.  We believe a referral is the best compliment that a customer could ever give us.  We believe in doing great work and success will follow. 



How Can We Help?

What are your goals for this year? Would you like to upgrade your network infrastructure? Perhaps you want to test out some form of Cloud solution you've been hearing about. Or maybe you just want to make sure your employees don't get phished. Sure, we can geek-speak with the best of them, but it's your comfort and understanding that's most important. And that's where we come in.


Our motto is simple: If there's a technical problem, we can fix it. That means you only have to be concerned about your people.


Our Future

We aren’t satisfied with just sitting still.  We push our employees to grow both technically with reimbursed training and regular lunch and learns on client specific material and personally with generous and flexible paid time off.  We also push ourselves to expand services and capabilities as well as our footprint as a company.  We believe there is no place we can’t reach.  We’ve had consistent growth of 15-20% year after year since inception and clients consistently give us top reviews on personal interaction and attention to service. 

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